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"Increase your strength and flexibility and live an active life with confidence"

Emily Robson

Pilates is a proven technique to strengthen the body and increase flexibility. 


The benefits of Pilates are:

Increased core strength and stability 

Toned muscles 

Improved flexibility and mobility 

Better posture - which puts less strain on your joints. 


Pilates is a low impact exercise technique which makes it an excellent conditioning method to improve sport and movement performance (running, cycling, swimming) and can aid weight loss through increased metabolism. It can also help people who suffer from lower back and sciatic pain.

Daily Classes

Each day's class has a theme to balance the whole body, teach specific techniques and develop mind and body awareness. The level of each class is detailed in the timetable.

Monday is Movement day -  strengthen the core and move the limbs in this balanced body session. 

Tuesday's class incorporates Resistance Equipment you'll already have at home to increase the intensity of the exercise or give neuromuscular feedback to help you improve the precision of the movement.

Our feet are often key to how we move in life and I encourage everyone to work on the strength and flexibility of their feet which is why Wednesday's footwork class is free to all participants.

Technique day on Thursday's focusses on learning a particular Pilates exercise or becoming aware of muscle groups used in a movement pattern to build better skill and awareness.

Friday 'Flow' is an energetic session with less instruction so you can tune into your body and feel how your body responds to the exercises.

And when the Pilates week comes to an end you can wind down at the Saturday Stretch class


Some people to come to class each day, making it part of their daily routine, while other come to the ones which  around their other commitments.

Pilates for Better Mobility

This friendly and supportive class is based on the fundamental Pilates  exercises with additional stretches and balance techniques to improve mobility. The sessions have a slightly slower pace with a little more time to move between the exercises. 


Contact me if you have any questions or need help deciding which classes might be best for you. 

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