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  • Do I need lots of space?
    You don't need lots of space - the size of a yoga mat will be enough and if you don't have a mat don't worry or a bath towel makes an excellent alternative or you can just lie on the carpet.
  • How long is each class?
    Classes are 30 minutes of exercise (as it's easier to avoid household distractions for half an hour) with the session connected in plenty of time before the start so people can say 'Hello!' and chat if they want.
  • I've booked a class but I can't attend
    If you can't make it to class one day just let me know and I can send you the recording of that session. The link will be live for 7 days so you'll have plenty of time to do it.
  • Can the other people see and hear me?
    I leave everyone's video and sound on though you do have the option to turn your camera or microphone off if you prefer.
  • How to I get Zoom on my mobile device or computer
    ZOOM is a free video conferencing app for your mobile device or computer. With ZOOM I can see and speak to everyone in the class, and everyone in the class can see and speak to me and to each other - though you do have the option to turn the camera or microphone off if you prefer. You can download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app or go for the web based version.
If your question isn't answered here please get in touch and I'll try to help.
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